Perelandra Bookshop at Wolverine Farm

Perelandra is the bookselling arm of Wolverine Farm, a 501(c)3 nonprofit publisher in Fort Collins' river district. We are stewards of literary encounter: radical imagination, spontaneous compassion, deep story, ritualistic utterance, folk poetics, technological disobedience, liberation theology, continuous motion, harmonices mundi, archetypes & cosmos, roots & utopia, the anthropocene, the uncommon, the avant, the essential. See you soon.


A belletristic wilderness. Reimagined genres promote diversity, discernment, and agency — in defiance of algorithms and prediction. Featuring northern Colorado's largest collection of poetry and poetics.


A one-of-a-kind program where community members spend one or two months reading as a creative act. The Reader in Residence hones their attention and advocates for literature simply by reading a book at the shop.


Dispatches from a 21st century bookseller. Part credo, part metaphysics, Reading Is Art explores the crossroads of private life, public space, literary practice and epiphany.


The Wild Carrot Society for Technological Disobedience is an irregular gathering at Wolverine Farm. We engage perspectives before and beyond the digital in a variety of creative ways.


Perelandra’s walkabout shop and mobile studio. Home-built in the early days of the pandemic, it featured 100 ft² of open-air shelving. Currently enjoying retirement in the foothills.


"Tech is Dead, Reading is Art" (XL only) t-shirt - $21.95; "Song for the Luddites" 3 x 5 in. notebook (48 pg) - $4.95 // Screen printed down the road in Longmont with the good folks at BBP.

Location & Hours

Wolverine Farm Publick House
316 Willow Street
Fort Collins, CO 80524
Monday - Friday 8am - 9pm
Saturday 10am - 9pm
Sunday 10am - 6pm

Copyright © 2023 by Perelandra Bookshop

perelandrabooks [at] gmail [dot] com

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When genre is reimagined, the physical geography of a bookstore changes. New, hybrid genres are no less identifiable than conventional ones, and an abundance of genres — like species — leads to more diverse, particular, and distinct dynamics: the stuff of evolution.


Conventional wisdom holds that the best way to find particular titles is to keep them alphabetized (by author). Yes, and: there are other ways to conceive territory. Differential sequencing treats books as more than the sum of their authors’ identities.


We log sales by hand, so orders and re-orders are never automatic; even perennial favorites must be considered against an evolving ecosystem of literature. This also means that we do not track your literary decisions, but rather respect and celebrate them.


Brave New Word (special new releases)
ECP² (essential contemp. poets/presses)
Milkweed & Amaranth (seeds of culture)
Legerdemain (req'd reading, storytellers)
Uncommon Type (rare, antiquarian)
Radical Imagination (speculative fiction)
Living by Fiction (literary, contemporary)
Deep Story (social justice, humanities)
Archetypes & Cosmos (tarot, astro, mythos)
Critical Theory (anarchism, socialism)
Flood the Margins (indigeneity, personhood)
Outrider Poetics (art, experimentation)
Subject, Object, Predicament (object lessons)
Paradigms & Pearls (pocket, field notes)
Brand New Ancients (mythos, visions)
Harmonices Mundi (music, folk, sound)
Anthropocene Blues (anthropology, STS)
Wolverine Farm (in-house publications)
Everyday Alchemy (food and drink)
Cradle of the Sacred (religion, prayer)
Second Nature (ecology, nature, travel)
Memory Castles (memoir, bio, writing)
Roots & Utopia (land, place, mind, home)


Ritualistic Utterance (poetry, poetics)
New World Order (artists, graphic novels)
Polyvocality (non-English editions)
Icons & Critics (legends, commentary)
Contemporary Fiction (notable, new)
Ecopoetics (more-than-human world)
Social Dilemma (social sci. and crit.)
Continuous Motion (history, religion)
Reading Is Art (residency selections)
Vintage Paperback (market, vintage)
Avant Range (FC/CO poets & writers)

Special Editions

NYRB Classics
Penguin Deluxe
Penguin Classics
Archipelago Editions
Elsewhere Editions
NYRB Poets
Milkweed Seedbank
Notting Hill Editions

Pocket Editions

33 ⅓
Penguin Modern
Penguin Little Black Classics
Shambhala Pocket Library
Prickly Paradigm
New Directions Pearls
MIT Essential Knowledge
MIT Untimely Meditations
Penguin Great Ideas
Object Lessons

Featured Publishers

New Directions, Milkweed Editions, Nightboat Books, FSG x MCD, Tin House, BOA Edtiions, Dalkey Archive, AK Press, Chelsea Green, City Lights, Faber & Faber, Featherproof, Wave Books, Coffee House, Copper Canyon, Haymarket, Graywolf, Verso, Shambhala, MIT, Duke UP, Yale UP, U of Minnesota Press, U of Chicago Press

Featured Periodicals

Orion, Image, Mad Agriculture, EcoTheo, Atmos, Astra, Lapham's Quarterly, Emergence

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Readers in Residence

“This, so far as I can see it, is the specific value or good of literature considered as Logos; it admits us to experiences other than our own.” — C. S. Lewis, An Experiment in Criticism

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Technological Disobedience

Big Tech narratives have abducted societal ideas of progress, creativity, freedom, even narrative itself. This is bullshit. The Wild Carrot Society composts said bullshit into insurgent fertilizer that restores the wildness of the landscape of the mind. We host device-free events and make neo-Luddite propaganda, insisting:

  1. Attention is a life-force, not a resource. “The attention of the seed to the draw of the moon is, I suppose, measurable, like the tilt of the planet. Or, maybe not — maybe you have to add some immeasurable ingredient made of the hour, the singular field, the hand of the sower.” — Mary Oliver

  2. Addiction is systemic, not pathetic. “It is not a new idea that we who live in mass technological society suffer psychological addiction to specific machines like cars, telephones, and computers. But the picture is bigger and more complex.” — Chellis Glendinning

  3. Virality is replication, not generation. “Man's capacity to forget is unlimited. This is one of the most important and useful points for the propagandist, who can always be sure that a particular propaganda theme, statement, or event will be forgotten within a few weeks.” — Jacques Ellul

  4. Anti-hegemony is not anti-tech. “Neo-Luddites are not anti-technology. Technology is intrinsic to human creativity and culture. What we oppose are the kinds of technologies that are, at root, destructive of human lives and communities.” — Chellis Glendinning


To evaluate & respond to the ubiquity of digital infrastructures.
To empower non-digital sites of communion.
To resist the colonial imagination of technological society.


Diverse space for the untechnical recovery of self-knowledge.

Copyright © 2022 by Perelandra Bookshop