Perelandra Bookshop

at Wolverine Farm

About Us

In 2020, while building out the shelves at Wolverine Farm, we remembered Perelandra...


The monthly Reader in Residence celebrates reading as an art in and of itself...

Wild CArrots

The Wild Carrot Society for Technological Disobedience gathers monthly to...

Book Wagon

The book wagon is our walkabout shop and mobile studio, built in the early days of...

About Us

In 2020, while building out the shelves at Wolverine Farm, we remembered Perelandra, the diluvial planet Venus in C. S. Lewis's space trilogy. Perelandra was diverse, erratic, ecstatic, ineffable... everything we wanted a bookstore to be. The name keeps us in touch with our dreams, and we hope that visits to the bookshop do the same for you.

The book collection itself is of a wild mind and literary heart; we carry everything from art books to cookbooks, theology to postcolonial theory, but we are careful not to let established genres fully dictate the flow of interests. This blog post describes our early phases and philosophy.

Our work is intimately connected to the non-profit mission of Wolverine Farm Publishing, the literary arts organization whose publick house we inhabit; we share the view that celebrating literature can lead to “a community of creative, informed, and engaged citizens living in a diverse, healthy, and beautiful world.”

Reader in Residence

“This, so far as I can see it, is the specific value or good of literature considered as Logos; it admits us to experiences other than our own.”

— C. S. Lewis, An Experiment in Criticism

Perelandra is home to the one and only reader-in-residence program, which celebrates reading as an art eo ipso that nourishes culture and community. The reader is regularly present in the bookshop during their term, cultivating their interests and extending references to others.

January 2022
Brandi Thomas

December 2021
Jason Hardung

November 2021
Robin Walter

October 2021
John Flynn

September 2021
Julia Goolsby

August 2021
Rico Lighthouse

Book Wagon

“Out of doors the day was setting off for joy and movement.”

— Jean Giono, The Song of the World

The book wagon is Perelandra’s walkabout shop and mobile studio space. Built in the early days of the covid-19 pandemic, it features 100 square feet of open-air shelving and a tiny interior studio.

During the warm months, you can find the book wagon full of bargain books and oddities at The Lyric, New Belgium, and elsewhere! Don’t hesitate to get in touch with ideas for local collaborations.