Behind the Books


Joe fell in love with Buddhist-American poetics in the wake of travels in the lower Himalaya and throughout the U.S. He went on to study writing at Naropa University, where he read Annie Dillard and conspired with poets under the moon. Joe’s tenure in books started at Innisfree Poetry Bookstore, where he and Indigo founded a press called The Lune in honor of Jack Collom and experimental poets everywhere; he has since worked as buyer and event host at literary havens like Trident Booksellers and Chicago’s Seminary Co-op Bookstores. Building a collection at Wolverine Farm is a dream and a debt of gratitude to the entire Front Range community.


Indigo was born in small-town central Illinois but moved to Colorado as a baby and grew up in Fort Collins. In her first year at university in Boulder, she was brought into the fold of a new haven for poets on the corner of 13th and Pennsylvania: Innisfree Poetry Bookstore & Café. Indigo served as manager of Innisfree for five years, eventually leaning from fair trade advocacy into work in refugee resettlement, crisis assistance, and food systems in Denver and Sacramento. She went on to earn her M.A. in Social Science at the University of Chicago, studying decolonial theories of industrial agriculture through the lens of waterhemp, an indigenous disruptor of hegemonic production infrastructures. From Perelandra to The Lune and Wolverine Farm, she celebrates earth and color and how imaginative making can help us stay alive together.

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