On the occasion of six months open

Friends, if you’ve browsed our book collection at the Publick House in the past six months: endless gratitude and enthusiastic cheers! If you haven’t, we feel secure in guessing that it’s because: a) your mind pulls your feet always toward a path by a river; b) you’ve been hunkered at home amidst a global pandemic; c) you live in Vilnius, Lithuania and the commute is excessive; d) other. 

Joe and I have been joyfully humbled by the response of you, our community, in your enthusiasm for what we have created and curated here. We have been able to put together a collection of each of our own strange loves in literature, sprinkled healthily with requests and recommendations. Some little alchemy has occurred in this, animating the space and our conversations in a way we could only have ever hoped for. 

Both of us could talk endlessly about books: their guts, their importance, their magic. And we will! But not here— write us a letter, give us a call, or stop by the shop (and prepare yourselves for unbridled book enthusiasm). We will leave you with two recommendations each, on our shelves: 

From Joe: New Dark Age (Verso, 2019) by James Bridle // The Power of Adrienne Rich (Nan A. Talese, 2020) by Hilary Holladay

From Indigo: Sex Talks to Girls (UW Press, 2008) by Maureen Seaton // The Will to Change (Washington Square, 2004) by bell hooks

Thank you— may the Force be with you.


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